Introducing The Snoozeletter!

For the busy woman who’s up late anyway. 💁

We totally get it. You’re on that 9–5 hustle and keeping up with your social calendar on the reg. The last thing you need is a news alert reminding you of the all the crap going on in the world. So how about a treat (yo’self) in your inbox instead? Cue The Snoozeletter. We deliver uplifting and informative content in a nightly email newsletter to help you squeeze some “me time” into your busy schedule. We send only the good stuff: picks of tried-and-true products, tips to relax, and interesting reads to get cozy with right before bedtime. Like warm milk and cookies for your mind or saying goodnight to your BFF. Because #youdeservethis.

Note: Newsletters are sent Sun-Thu 8PM(ish) 🙌 Read a sample here.

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