Coming To Your Inbox: The Snoozeletter

Get ready for the newsletter to uplift and relax you all before bedtime.

Can’t sleep? Join the club. The things in life that we worry about can really add up and take its toll by the end of the day. Plus with anxiety on the rise and the fact that we’re more stressed out than ever in an “always on” society, there’s no surprise to what’s keeping us up at night.

The Snoozeletter is our little way of squeezing in time to relax and get in that sleep we need. Our nightly email newsletter is a light-hearted, five-minute read to help you chill out with our recommendations (think Netflix binges, smart reads, etc) and good vibes all around. Our goal is to make it easier to integrate self-care into your nighttime routine. More importantly, we hope to help you take the break you deserve to keep going. And repeat.

While we focus on re-imagining how millennial women take care, we have our sights set on wellness as a (fun!) priority for everyone.

First issue out November 2018 🙌 Read a sample here.

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